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Petal Paste

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Mandy H

Ok. New fav lip treatment. Of all time. Basically like putting a creamy sugar cookie on your lips. smells delicious. Very moisturizing. I’m sad mine didn’t come with the dried flower container, I was really looking forward to that! But I will be buying again. It’s such amazing quality + a much larger portion than I expected. Thick and beautiful.

For Pasting Flower Petals On + Your New Favorite Moisturizer/Lip Balm

Create dramatic flower pasted makeup with this all natural flower infused makeup primer. The perfect moisturizer for dry skin to or chapped lips. Has this incredibly dreamy sweet bakery good scent that naturally emerged from the ingredients. It literally might be the best smelling item we make. This creation is multi-purpose and fun to play with. It might just become simply your favorite long lasting lip balm in the flower universe. The balm itself contains tiny flower bits! Comes with a free tin of dried flower petals!

Directions: Warm up a bit with fingers if hardened. Then gently push a bit up onto finger or directly smudge onto freshly cleansed skin. Paste dried or fresh flowers, works best with very small flowers. Works amazing as a lip balm and an eye shadow primer too! If used as a lip balm, you might notice a bit of a texture. This feeling might be strange at first, but it literally melts away and acts as the longest lasting lip balm ever! Also perfect for travel for general moisturizing needs.

This listing includes your choice of 2 cute tube sizes: the cutest .49 fl.oz (14ml) or a large 1.05 fl.oz (30ml) of Petal Paste! Also add the option of a 1oz tin of dried flower petals! Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness. (ps. the 20ml and 1/4oz jar size are sold out but will be back Fall 2022)

Petal Paste Ingredients: fair trade virgin unrefined coconut oil* (Cocos nucifera), fair trade cocoa butter* (Theobroma cacao), carnauba wax* (Copernicia prunifera), my own naturally grown garden beach rose petals (Rosa rugosa), pink roses* (Rosa damascena), helichrysum flowers* (Helichrysum italicum), cornflowers* (Centaurea cyanus) + love.

Jar of Flowers Petals Ingredients: my own naturally grown garden beach rose petals (Rosa rugosa), helichrysum flowers* (Helichrysum italicum), cornflowers* (Centaurea cyanus) + love.

*purveyed certified organic ingredients

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . cruelty free . vegan . handmade