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Updates as of this week:

All incense is totally back in stock!!

All blushes and foundation powders now come in glass jars instead of tins! I am so happy about this, because they totally match the lip balm jar aesthetic!

There is a new foundation powder hue! Introducing No.0!

Blush Stick is now Blush Balm, as I have added a new size! Introducing Blush Balm in a glass jar... a jar just like the Foundation Powders and blushes. So everything is more and more streamlined!

Candles!! The rose votive candle is back and introducing a new votive: Lemon!

I am still working on photographing all the new makeup powder packaging. Here is Hibiscus Blush! So pretty!

 Speaking of photos, I finally captured all the sizes of Petal Paste!


Here is what the limited edition Plant Makeup Fall 2021 Sample Pack looks like in its finished form!

And finally I am so excited to finally have individual samples for sale! I will be adding to this all the time. Everything is limited edition!

I am so excited to see what happens this week! I just go with a flow of inspiration - so much to create! Check back for the next news blog! I am also so thankful for those who have followed me throughout the years and through all my website changes. I really am going to try to stick to this version of plantmakeup.com for years to come.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope to send you a box of plant love!



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