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The Newest Plant Makeup Collection!

So excited about this new collection! I took a poll this Summer of what products you would like to see and here is the result, the Forest Fusion Collection!! It is ultra nourishing fusion with an amazing array of beneficial plants and oils! Meet Cucumber Rose Body + Face Mist. A simple spray to use after cleansing your skin or setting makeup!

Oooo! Check out this dreamy range of new Plant Makeup colors! A desert colored sparkling eye shadow called Duner . Next we travel to the depths of the earth and discover new luminizing glosses for highlighting the cheeks and body in Golden and Bronze. Then enter dreamy flower fields with Nude Rose Shimmer Balm, Meadow Eye Shadow and Dragon Fruit Lip Gloss!

Finally! Clear mascara, but… totally formulated to grow those lashes!! SO in love with the new Eye Lash Gloss + Grow. Featuring green tea, eyebright, hemp seed oil, rosemary, a touch of castor oil, horsetail leaf and rosehip seed oil.

Time to treat those luscious lips with the newest lip scrub cuties in Cacao and Rose. Made with organic honey and sugar, these simple creations are amazing when treating the face with one of the newest Plant Makeup masks!

This is Bright Day Mask! Packed with anti-oxidant love. Featuring the ingredients of rosehips, turmeric, ginger, papaya, grapes, chamomile, hibiscus and grapefruit to awaken fresh skin! This is the most exfoliating Plant Makeup scrub offered.

This is a mega beauty treatment: Glow Mask. Featuring charcoal and a beautiful range of hydrosols like green tea, cucumber and rose! More on the liquid side for a mask. Use the Cucumber Rose Body + Face Mist after and you’ll feel your in skin heaven!

While you’re infusing your face with plant euphoria, you might want to step into the tub filled with Fairy Garden Bathing Salts! Featuring coconut milk and pink Himalayan salt, I wanted to create something so loving that your skin would feel a hug steeping in this bliss!

Forest fusion is all about a nourishing fantasy of plant ingredients. Introducing Nourish Face Wash! This is an incredibly amazing infusion of nettles, oat tops, cucumber, green tea and charcoal. If you can’t have a smoothie everyday, at least your skin can with this dreamy bottle of green love!

Check out this new hair treat! Hair Powder Mask features aloe vera, hibiscus, nettles, burdock and marshmallow to create your own mask at home! This one is excellent for oily hair types. But if you have dry hair…

you might love Hair Oil Mask! Ultra nourishing, featuring spirulina, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, oat tops, nettles and horsetail leaf! Apply 20-30 minutes before shampooing.

So excited about Soothe Your Skin Salve. I wanted to make something for rough dry winter skin. This is a concentrated herbal work of beauty. Featuring a coconut oil and hemp seed oil base, complimenting herbs like comfrey, aloe and burdock may be the perfect comfort for your skin this season.

So in love with the newest fruit packed serum creation Fruit Fusion! A brightening oil featuring and array of anti-oxidant rich beneficial oils like rosehip seed, argan, apricot kernel and beautiful fruits like papaya, goji berries, schisandra, orange and lemon! If your looking for a glow, apply this a few times a week to freshly cleansed skin!

The amazing brightening concept has also been manifested into a salve! This slower absorbing treatment is excellent when you have some special time for yourself to help lighten up any areas that need love. Turmeric, ginger and papaya merge with the perfect oils just for this cause!

If you’re in need of a new favorite lip gloss, this might be it. Clear Rose Lip Gloss is a super simple moisturizing lip balm made with local roses, cocoa butter, rosehip seed oil and vegan plant wax.

I’m very excited to introduce Fine Line Conceal Gloss! Offering a little more coverage then the Foundation Balms, these little cuties are vegan, infused with flowers, super creamy and are amazing as a makeup primer, especially underneath the eyes. In shades coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, almond and ginger.

I am so happy to make something over stimulating for the senses but therapeutic for the spirit.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and being here! The internet is not as easy to get across these days, so I so appreciate you! I hope you enjoy this new collection and please let me know what you think of it below or if you have tried anything from it!


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