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I'm so excited about the new art I made this year for new products and some creations that needed it! Plant Makeup is an ever evolving line of super natural beauty goods. I have made 15 collections over the past ten years.

What's so cool is that from these collections the most popular items stay and special edition/not as popular get archived.

Looking back at the archived creations I love them so much. But if I stocked everything I would be making 500 products myself! It'd be so cool to make that page a 'vote it back page' where when a certain products reach 100 votes I'll bring it back. For now you can sign up for the restock notification on the side of each product. Like on this archived product, The Decolletage Cream.

I think it's so cool that you all basically curate this beauty line with what have been the most loved products. Some products from past collections don't have art but definitely could! Here is some art I recently made for products from the Cosmic Flower Cloud collection!


Face Preserve. I love this balm for its deep infusion of plants that contain lots of collagen. I made it as the 2.0. version of Beach Rose Beauty Balm, the cornerstone (and first) Plant Makeup beautifying moisturizier.

35+ Hand Salve. This art is so funny, I really enjoy the humor and through it experiencing the evolution of my illustrations. This balm is such a great friend, especially if you work with your hands a lot. It's a great night time treatment - this salve for your hands and Face Preserve for your face!

Tired + Wired Under Eye Salve. Kinda how I feel right now! LOL. I love this art because it represents an idea I saw in my head and then drew it. I know it sounds weird (like duh), but I only feel like I have gotten to this point conceptually recently with illustration. I'm so excited to be exploring it more seriously this year. I feel that I am an artist first, but when I found the inspiring connection to plants, it steered my path (in the BEST way - Plant Makeup happened!). I feel at this time I can explore 'art' a little more hardcore. Very excited to bring art and Plant Makeup into a greater infusion.

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OPM  aka jesss

ps. new creations coming soon (new art too)!

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