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I make a ton of products and need a ton of stickers! I love to print my own on kraft sticker paper, but when I need some high quality custom labels I use Sticker Mule!

Here is what an order from them looks like! I have been a super loyal customer for so many years. The main reason is that I can customize small amounts of stickers. They offer so many options too!

For instance, check out one of my favorite types of stickers they offer: holographic! I use these stickers for PORE HUG, one of my most popular face + body mists. What's so cool about Sticker Mule is that I asked them to change the color of the text on the side of the sticker, and they did it for me!

I love their clear sticker option - something I really envisioned for this particular bottle! Here, for Space Spice, I also had them customize the wording on the side of the label to suit my needs. They are so nice. You can leave your requests in a convenient box after uploading your sticker file to their site.

With their rectangle stickers, I was able to bring my art to saturated poppin' life! I love the high quality of Sticker Mule's stickers. I was super happy to receive these labels and see how perfectly they matched my original artwork for Rose Dew Face + Hair Mist (a product I am so in love with and bring everywhere b/c I am rose obsessed).

Here Purple Loosestrife Balm looks so good with it's artwork! Their circle stickers, just like all of their sticker options, come in so many sizes! Once again, my art really comes to life!

Wild Rose Face Wash was probably the reason I went to Sticker Mule years ago. I had been ordering from another sticker company or two and their batch requests were so high, but my needs with small batch production are very small. So to be able to print at the minimum 10 stickers at a time, I can always be up to date on ingredient lists, batch numbers, etc!

I forgot to mention, if you spend $100, you get a free bottle of their Mule Sauce (and it's so good too)! So, if you are looking for custom product labels, go to Sticker Mule! I feel like I have some more designing to do so I can take advantage of their beautiful roll label options!

PS. Click this link to get $10 off your first order!


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