Upgrading Your Skin Care Routine to All Natural

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Thinkin’ bout going all indie with your skin 🐱💕? I’ll lead you guys through the Plant Makeup creations I make + creating a new skin care routine! When we think about skin types we can kind of narrow them down to dry, normal + oily. But it seems, we all battle with a bit of blemishes along the way. For this, check out my lil’ post specifically for blemishes, which includes stuff for pore revival.

Apricot Rose Scrub Mask

I usually start out my skin care routine with a scrub. Facefood, my green clay seaweed mask / scrub, might be my favorite alternative to soap. It has lil’ exfoliators from the seaweed. I usually use this in a shower (either just on the face or all over the body). I usually scrub towards my heart in a circular motion. Scrubbing is a anti-aging skin care secret!

Flower Music Mist

If you don’t want to use a honey based scrub, grab up some Wild Rose Face Wash! When I come out of the shower, I use a hydrosol, also known as a floral water, to help balance the PH level of my skin. Check out my floral toner stash here. I personally like rose (also excellent for all skin types), because it is the most luxurious, but there are different kinds for different skin types. Tansy is best for acne prone skin.

Beach Rose Beauty Balm

I then use a moisturizing balm all over. I personally love the rose one I make, but with my all purpose all over body balm, one can’t go wrong. To see all the balms I make, check the list out here.

Beach Rose Skin Repair Serum

Serums and body oils are amazing too! They absorb faster into the skin then salves. I hope this new skin care routine inspires. 🌷🌺


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