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Honeysuckle Gloss

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Just an amazing product

Staci Hufty
Honeysuckle goodness!

This is such a gem of a product!

I use this as a morning facial and neck moisturizer. This is a gentle product. Only a small amount is needed.

It goes on easily. It doesn’t leave a greasy feel. It absorbs quickly. This product leaves a soft and supple feel after it’s absorbed into skin. I can feel good about using the ingredients in this product on my skin.

Works great as a lip moisturizer too!

Can’t wait to order this again!

Lonicera periclymenum BODY GLOSS 

This is a very special infusion of honeysuckle blossoms. Use for any gloss or moisturizing needs.

Ingredients: coconut oil*, jojoba oil*, jojoba wax*, beeswax*, locally wild crafted honeysuckle blossoms (Lonicera periclymenum), mango butter*, fair trade vanilla beans* + love. *purveyed organic ingredients

Includes: 1/4oz (7ml) glass jar with metal lid.

super limited edition