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Blush Balm

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Absolutely amazing blush balm! It's so bright and beautiful!! I love how hydrated my cheeks feel and it stays beautiful all day!! These plant products are a masterpiece!

Tracy D

Love this!

Chloe B
Blush stick

I’m obsessed with the blush stick. It gives such a subtle, flowy tint to my skin, smells delightful, and is easy to apply. Compared to Milk Makeups blush stick this is a clear winner. Less pigmented but such is to be expected with healthy makeup.


Love this! I've been repurchasing and using the blush stick from plant makeup for over two years now, and it's been perfect! Great, even application, vibrant color, creamy and light feel. Yet another great product from plant makeup!

For the Ultimate Natural Beauty 

A super simple minimalist moisturizing cheek tint blush packaged in eco friendly material. Mica free, oxide free, super natural!! Perfect for dry skin to add a very light glowing berry blush look/feel. Perfect for lips too!

Directions: Use a makeup sponge or fingers to apply to freshly cleansed cheeks and lips for a subtle berry tint. Dip clean fingers in tube to pull out more tint. Can also be used as a light cheek makeup primer or experiment by mixing in a plant powder blush like Hibiscus for even more tint. Suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin, try a small test patch at first. Please note Blush Balm contains a bee product (thank you bee's!).

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil* (Olea europaea), hibiscus flowers* (Hibiscus sabdariffa), local beeswax, alkanet root* (Alkanna tinctoria) + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients -each batch may very slightly in purple tone-

This listing includes a 2oz (59ml) compostable push up tube filled with Blush Balm. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness.

eco tube packaging tips: This packaging style needs a bit of care. It will smudge on the outside easily from the balm - if you want to maintain a fresh tube look, use clean fingers when handling tube and keep in an extra cute safe place when not in use. This balm formulation will loose its freshness faster in this tube then other packaging options. I suggest using it within 4 months of purchase date and/or storing it in a sealed glass jar or baggie away from the elements like heat and direct sunlight. These babies are created in super small batches and usually made to order!

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . soy free . mica free . oxide free . all natural . handmade . compostable + plastic free packaging