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Rose Dew Face + Hair Mist

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Cara Goodenough
Love it!

I adore this mist applied to my skin just after washing my face with my SUN cleanser and just before applying a light oil moisturizer! It smells delicious and I look forward to my daily pumps!

Make a rose aura around you!

Rose Face + Hair Mist

Super rose face & hair dewy drips for finishing makeup or uplifting your day! Travel friendly for vibrational beauty mist protection.

Directions: mist onto freshly cleansed skin and hair anytime for the ultimate rose rainbow hug. Feels especially amazing after a shower or during a bath! The super luxurious rose essential oil present may crystallize into a rosey orange pink red color in colder temperatures. Keep stored in fridge for longest shelf life or use within 3 months for greatest rose results.

Ingredients: distillation of my own natural garden grown roses (including species like Rosa rugosa, Rosa damascena, Rosa multiflora and Rosa nutkana) and pure spring water + purveyed certified organic Bulgarian rose essential oil (Rosa damascena).

Includes: 1oz glass bottle with fine mist spray top

limited edition (but will have more available during and after next rose growing season)