Chamomile Clay + Turmeric Mask

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I love this mask

Abigail Vaughan
Great for inflammation!

This mask is super easy to apply (I usually shake a little into my hand and add a little water. This mix makes a watery paste to spread all over your face. There will be little clay clumps, but this is pretty normal for any powdered clay, I believe. This mask will dry within 5 minutes, and you will get the addicting "tight skin" feeling for the last 5.

It smells just like a cup of chamomile tea and is relaxing to wear. It feels a bit exfoliating to take off on account of the now-dried clay clumps. Be careful to rinse in-depth; for those who are pale like me, you really don't want turmeric to stay on your skin too long... you may tinge yourself yellow.

(This isn't to say the mask will make you yellow, it is just a reaction if you accidentally leave traces overnight - I'm sure it will affect your skin at that point.)

Pris B.

Sweet candy smell. Has truly brought balance to my skin. Reduces inflammation of acne scars. I apply and gently scrub off after 10 or so minutes. Left with glowing soft skin. Thank you

Jane F Vose
this is one of m favs

Smells lovely of chamomile. I use several time a week as morning scrub. Always enjoy it and have been been using for several years. Where else can you find products so uncompromisingly natural? Packagings is very eco and charming.I also like the lip plumper and Medow Stick.

CHAMOMILE + TURMERIC = sKin care love

For oily, blemish and normal skin types.. mix with honey, yogurt or a little water to create nourishment. Like watering a garden, our skin awakens. Chamomile + French yellow clay are excellent for soothing puffy skin. Perfect for face + body. This mask is perfect for oily skin skin types looking for a bit of soothing action. These ingredients are also amazing for blemishes too.

Directions: Add a tsp. or two of these grains to your favorite base (honey, yogurt, water etc.) to form a fresh mask paste at home. Apply for 10 minutes or longer to the face or body. If the mask starts to dry in some spots, it's best to keep it moist with a little splash or spray of water. When you're ready to remove, rinse with a warm damp cloth or in the shower. Suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin, try a little test patch on your skin at first to see if your body likes it (some are allergic to the chamomile family of plants - Asteraceae). Please reuse jar. Best if kept stored out of direct sunlight.

This listing includes net weight 1/4oz (8gm) Chamomile Clay + Turmeric Mask in a cute reusable glass bottle with a cork. About 5 to 10 uses. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness.

Ingredients: natural French yellow clay (Kaolinite, contains naturally occurring iron oxides), German chamomile flowers* (Matricaria chamomilla), turmeric root* (Curcuma longa) + love.

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . cruelty free . vegan . handmade . reusable + plastic free packaging