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DIY Rose Ice Cubes

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There is something so feminine and beautiful about DIY rose ice cubes. They're not hard to make, but you will need access to edible, pesticide-free roses. Try growing some of your own organically or seeing if your local florist stocks edible roses. DIY rose ice cubes are stunning and absolutely perfect to add to drinks in the spring and summer. They're great for special events (weddings or parties), but can be used any day of the week to add a little extra beauty to your day.  Here's how to get started.

DIY Rose Ice Cubes
Freezing rose petals in ice lets you preserve their beauty well past their season.
Ingredients + Supplies:
Pesticide-free edible roses
Ice cube tray

Note: Some edible varieties of roses include Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia, and Rosa gallica. Ask your local florist if they have any of these in stock (preferably pesticide-free and organic). Either way, be sure to gently wash the rose petals off under water before using them to make DIY rose ice cubes. Also, when you use tap water to make the ice, you might end up with tiny air bubbles. If you want to avoid this at all costs for perfect Instagram worthy ice cubes, use distilled water. Or, boil and cool tap water before freezing.

Pour water into an ice cube tray and fill it one-third of the way and freeze.
Place petals or whole roses (assuming the rose is miniature) on top of the ice. Add more water to fill the tray two-thirds of the way.
Now, the petals and roses should be stuck in the ice (and unable to float to the top of it). Fill the tray with the rest of the way with water and freeze.

This technique will make it look as though the roses are suspended in the center of the ice. Doing it in intervals like this will help prevent the roses or petals from freezing at the tippy top of the ice trays.



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