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Ginger Kava Liquid Lip

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Rebecca Ayala
My favorite lip gloss

Smells great and I love the small amount of texture when I rub my lips together. Wish I bought multiple!

For Wet Tingly Lips


Hydrating and lip hugging. Connect with kava and ginger through your lips. Can also be used topically anywhere on the body for kava and ginger sensations.

Ingredients: liquid coconut oil*, ginger root*, cultivated without chemicals kava root powder (Piper methysticum), local beeswax, ginger essential oil*. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: more on the wet liquid side - dab gently onto lips for a slight numbing spicy sensation. The kava numbness might take a few minutes to feel. Those with sensitive skin, dab a drip on your arm at first to see how it feels. Absorbs quickly as a gloss, but tingly sensation gently lingers for a while. Gently rub lips with a cleanser or lip scrub then rinse to end sensation if experiencing discomfort.

Includes: 1/4floz (8ml) tube

limited edition