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triton / object 53

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Audrey Cooper

Love all of her products!

Object 53:


the only moon in the solar system with a retrograde orbit relative to its planet neptune. the largest seven neptunian moons, it comprises 99.5% off all the satellite structures in the planet's orbit. composed mostly of frozen nitrogen, the surface of triton is relatively young and uniquely geologically active with craters exploding with nitrogen gas! it's core actually makes up two thirds of its entire mass. triton is the second largest moon in relation to its primary planet, the first being our moon and earth.

elemental layers -

clear sky lip + cheek gloss

rose dust

makeup mud

wild rose lip balm

cloud makeup stick

dragonfruit lip balm

space goth gloss

yarrow beauty balm

uses – makeup gloss for lips. the bottom layer, yarrow balm, can be used as a body moisturizer. please read through ingredient lists thoroughly for each formula included if you have any allergies.

this purchase includes a 1oz (28ml) glass jar with triton.

each Plant Makeup object is one of a kind. all sales for objects are final.

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