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SUN GLOW w/zinc

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Lorianna Stickler
Love this!

Very smooth glide on and makes my skin feel amazing! I will be ordering again.


A formulation featuring oils and ingredients that help the skin stay happy in the sun. I actually started making this balm about 10 years ago, I have had many requests to bring it back!

Directions: Apply before playing in the sun. Not recommended to be used in place of sunblock or sunscreen. Not waterproof. Lasts for about to 3 hours, then reapply! The formula itself contains about 12% of zinc oxide.

Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, meadowfoam seed oil*, almond oil*, avocado oil*, local beeswax, uncoated non nano zinc oxide (325nm), lavender essential oil* + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Includes: your choice of a 1oz (28ml) eco tube stick or 1oz (28ml) glass jar with a metal cap. of SUN GLOW (for the eco tube, it is best to leave this cutie somewhere where it won't melt in the sun).

eco tube packaging tips: This packaging style needs a bit of care. It will smudge on the outside easily from the balm - if you want to maintain a fresh tube look, use clean fingers when handling tube and keep in an extra cute safe place when not in use. This balm formulation will loose its freshness faster in this tube then other packaging options. I suggest using it within 4 months of purchase date and/or storing it in a sealed glass jar or baggie away from the elements like heat and direct sunlight. These babies are created in super small batches and usually made to order!

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