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Calendula Face + Body Mist

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Smells like a cup of tea!

So refreshing, especially when I use it right out of the fridge on a hot day!

Kaylyn Talkington
Big fan

I love calendula in skincare but it's hard to find. This mist is perfect for incorporating moisture into my summer skincare routine. I have also used this on my legs/pits after shaving to calm the skin in addition to moisturizer.

It definitely smells earthy and leafy but that's to be expected with natural products. It just smells like calendula flowers! :)

Pris B.
So refreshing

Really soft and gentle calendula scent. Perfect for working with the solar plexus chakra. Super refreshing after the shower and before crystal face rolling. I'm a fan!

McKenna S.
Calendula Mist

This is truly amazing! So calming & has a nostalgic tea scent that is so dreamy 🤍

Abbey S.
Instant calm and happiness!

This is by far the best thing I have put on my face. I spray it into my hands then pat onto my skin and the smell overwhelms me with pure joy. It helped heal dry spots and redness on my face. I feel so clean and refreshed when I use it. I would bathe in it if I could.

A Flower Meadow Dream Mist

Calendula Water

For flower nerds, one of the most beneficial flowers for skin in the skincare universe! Nurturing, soothing, uplifting and hydrating, this warm scented floral mist is for all skin types! Can be used as a daily water based serum, cleanser and toner in one!

Ingredients: my own distillation of organic calendula flowers and pure spring water

Directions: add to your skin care routine as an all over face & body mist after cleansing the skin! Will last longest if stored in the fridge, discard if it takes on a funny smell (it should smell like pungent warm floral always).

Includes: 1oz (28ml) bottle with fine mist sprayer.

oil free