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Flower Music Mist

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Flower Music Mist

I love it, very floral!I use it as a toner!


Smells beautiful and feels so nice after washing my face! Highly recommend

Be Love
Music of the Flow

Hey people. Yah, Flower Music Mist. Its simply one of Jes’ all out best creations. Rounded in the music of the dreaming plant spheres that circulate thru our dear mystic medicine maker’s life, the Mist is a pure distillation of all the Love, Life, and Beauty present in the kingdom of flowers. I find it incredibly refreshing + reminding. After all ; we to came from and are connected to the Earth and thereby all of the kingdoms hereby. Flower Music Mist is like a love letter from Mother Earth to your dear microcosmic bod. Awakening, purifying. Energizing. Whatever you need from the Flowers, Fruits, and Plahnts (and bees!) , FM Mist delivers. Its like a panacea template, homeopathic resonant receptor. Its whatever you need.
my Plantmakeup essentials!!!


For normal, combination, oily and blemish prone skin ...if romance could be reworded in a love language of roses… become a flower! A daily facial toner deeply botanically infused with wild medicinal flower blossoms. Flower Music Mist is a cold infusion of locally gathered roses, elder flowers, red clover blossoms and organic lavender in rose water and organic witch hazel extract! The scent is a pronounced floral twist of tart, sweet and pungent notes to awaken and hug the pores. Water based and oil free! Very versatile as a daily toner, cleanser and water based serum. Excellent for facial nourishment, purification, protection, love.

Directions: Spray onto freshly cleansed skin. Works as a natural toner and body mist without being too drying. Also for use after a shower to balance PH levels of skin. Please note there is a bit of alcohol in this formulation from the witch hazel extract, so might give a little zing to open skin. Suitable for all skin types. For sensitive skin, try a test patch at first. Please reuse bottle or recycle. Best if kept stored out of direct sunlight. Keep in fridge for extended shelf life, discard if scent changes. 

This listing includes a 2oz (59ml) frosted glass bottle of Flower Music Toner + Body Mist with a spray top. Shipped + packaged with love and nature friendliness.

Ingredients: distilled spring water (aqua), witch hazel extract* (Hamamelis virginiana, 86% witch hazel extract and 14% grain alcohol), my own rose hydrosol (Rosa spp. from my garden + spring water), lavender flowers* (Lavandula angustifolia), elderflowers* (Sambucus canadensis), my own naturally garden grown beach roses (Rosa rugosa), my own garden grown red clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense) + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . cruelty free . vegan . handmade . reusable packaging