Pore Hug

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Botanical Drips


Give your skin a hug! This bottle is filled with flowers that all have natural astringent + moisturizing (pore hugging) properties. An oil free toner and cleanser for all skin types and ages. Mist on to remove makeup or after cleansing the skin!

Ingredients: the floral water distillations of my own natural garden grown mint, my own natural garden grown rose, my own natural garden grown lilacs, elderflowers*, linden*, lemon balm*, calendula*, helichrysum*, yarrow*, chamomile* and lavender*, witch hazel extract*, aloe vera gel*, grapefruit essential oil* and love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: spray onto freshly cleansed skin, preferably after an exfoliating mask. for sensitive skin, try a tiny test at first.

Includes: 2oz (59ml) bottle with fine mist sprayer

water based, oil free