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Rose Dew Face + Hair Mist

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Staci Hufty
Mistically Magical!!!!

I use this on my hair each day. The refreshing yet mild aroma is of fine sweet rose and who doesn’t like a pretty rose?!

Applied to my wet hair after showering, the mist provides a soft clean gentle refresh to my hair.

The bottle and spray mist applicator are great!

It’s all roses and sunshine for me with this Rose Dew Mist.

Cara Goodenough
Love it!

I adore this mist applied to my skin just after washing my face with my SUN cleanser and just before applying a light oil moisturizer! It smells delicious and I look forward to my daily pumps!

Make a rose aura around you!

Rose Face + Hair Mist

My favorite!! Super rose face & hair dewy drips for finishing makeup or uplifting your day! Travel friendly for vibrational beauty mist protection. But honestly you can spray it anywhere and everywhere anytime for rose hypnosis.

Directions: mist onto freshly cleansed skin and hair anytime for the ultimate rose rainbow hug. Feels especially amazing after a shower or during a bath! The super luxurious rose essential oil present may crystallize into a rosey cloud in colder temperatures. Keep stored in fridge for longest shelf life or use within 3 months for greatest rose results.

Ingredients: distillation of my own natural garden grown roses (including species like Rosa rugosa, Rosa damascena, Rosa multiflora and Rosa nutkana) and pure spring water + ultra luxurious purveyed certified organic Bulgarian rose essential oil (Rosa damascena).

Includes: 1oz glass bottle with fine mist spray top

limited edition (if sold out, will have more available during and after next rose growing season 2024)