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It's Still Summmmer

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This was originally posted in the last version of plantmakeup.com blog...

Rose Visions, creating a rose colored kaleidoscope of interactive nature art as skincare and makeup for the body. Welcome to the newest Plant Makeup site! This is the 3rd (or 4th lol) conceptualization of this online dream world. Plant Makeup was created by me Jes in 2014, but I have been making herbal products since 2004. I started out with herbal teas, but felt a more colorful calling into the world of beauty. I feel like this rendition of plantmakeup.com is the best yet! I spent much of the Summer taking photos that are infused throughout these pages. One important thing that is different is that old accounts have to be recreated (thank you so much in advance for understanding). Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Today the journey continues with a sense of more refined free spirited creativity. The vision is the spectrum of rose colors with continual accents of the entire rainbow. I have just completed my third book. This one is less abstract then the first two. The Plant Makeup Catalog 2020 is a fifteen year physical compilation of working with medicinal and edible plants since the beginning. It is totally a natural unraveling of information spread out through 190 pages. I am so happy it finally exists and very excited to release it in October of this year.

Beach Rose Scrub, Beach Rose Beauty Balm, Floral Calm Body Mist and Beach Rose Lip Tint. Some of my favorite rose infused creations. I am currently working on a new collection. I didn’t release one this Spring, as I worked on the book instead. I am so excited to reveal these new plant infused love beings. I expect them all to be ready at the beginning of November. Until then, I will have a couple more sales and hope to send more of the current Plant Makeup cuties around the world.

I am really thankful for all your love and support over the years. I have made a few transitions in the way these products are sold online. From Etsy as good4you in 2008, to then a few changes in website hosting after that. I tend to go with how I feel about companies and also react to how to internet changes so quickly. It was much easier to start and run an online business 10 years ago, so I can’t thank you all enough for sticking and evolving with me. I still run everything pretty much myself and wish to continue to do so. It can be challenging, but so is making great art.

It’s still Summer in spirit as colors hold some of the brightest saturation in the light. Thanks so much for reading this and so excited to continue to share the love!



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