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What is Plant Makeup?

Plant Makeup is a bit different than regular makeup. It applies lighter on skin compared to bold dramatic colors. When I first started out studying plants, I made plant based paints for a project in a class I was taking. The result was a lighter gentler paint, compared to deep colored conventional paints. Chemicals make it possible to obtain crazy makeup colors. Really cool shades, but not really made of the best ingredients. So plants themselves act more like a natural dye than a dramatic bold color stain. A compromise or new way of true natural beauty.

Why do some of the makeup products have a grainy texture?

Since most products are made with plants, some do contain little bits leftover from milling. For powders, these gently fall away after applying and for balms they can be rubbed in as a gentle exfoliate and will eventually fall away. I do my best to omit larger particles, but it is hard to get them all. It is always my hope that Plant Makeup users are open minded and can welcome slight compromises to these very pure all natural makeup products.

Why do I use beeswax?

The beeswax I used is sourced locally, I find the quality to be some of the finest on the planet. I chose beeswax because it is less of a carbon foot print. I know the bee keepers personally and they run a super happy bee farm. I do offer many vegan alternatives for products made with plant waxes or no waxes at all.

Do the foundation balms offer coverage ?

The foundation balms are meant to be used as a healing salve base that gently conceal + heal as a daily moisturizer. Used in combination with one of the foundation powders, you can build the amount of coverage you need. The purpose of the foundation balms is to act as a longer lasting daily wear moisturizer compared to other salve formulations I make. I don't recommend this balm as the solution to concealing blemishes. The Fine Line Conceal Glosses do offer a bit more of light reflecting coverage.

The balm picture below features (top to bottom): Foundation Balms No.5, No.4, No.3, No.2, No.1, No.0 (sold out)

The Fine Line Gloss picture below features the shades (top to bottom): Coffee, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Almond and Ginger.

How do I find my perfect foundation shade ?

All Plant Makeup foundation powders are very true to their pictures, so it is my hope that one can find their perfect tone with a simple glance through. For the foundation balms, one truly cannot go wrong. They apply sheer, however as they get darker, add more tone. The foundation balms are in a sense tinted moisturizers, perfect for daily where under your favorite concealer or mixed with a Plant Makeup foundation powder to build the amount of coverage you need.

The powder picture below features (top to bottom on arm): Highlighting Powder, Foundation Powder No.7 (sold out), No.6, No.5, No.4, No.3, No.2, No.1.

Can I see swatches of Plant Makeup?

Yes! Totally. 

The eye shadow swatch picture below features (top to bottom): Snow, Pink Rose, Earth, Sunset, Sun, Sea Foam + Moon.

The lip tint + makeup balm swatch picture below features (top to bottom): Hibiscus + Beet Lip Tint, Blood Orange Lip Tint, Madder Root Lip Tint, Sandalwood Lip Balm (sold out), Strawberry Lip Tint, Mermaid Makeup Balm, Unicorn Lip Balm,  Pink Rose Shimmer Balm + Coconut Highlighting Gloss.

The following picture features blush balms, blush powders and body powders (top to bottom): Coconut Body Shimmer, Highlighting Powder, White Rose Shimmer Powder, Bronzing Shimmer Powder, Pink Rose Blush Powder, Punk Rose Blush Powder, Rose Royalty Balm, Sunset Dune Blush, Light Beet Blush, Cocoa Rose Lip + Blush Gloss, Makeup Dream Cream and Blush Stick.

The Forest Fusion Collection swatches feature (top to bottom): Dune Eye Shadow, Golden Luminizing Gloss (sold out), Bronze Luminizing Gloss (sold out), Nude Rose Shimmer Balm, Meadow Eye Shadow and Dragon Fruit Lip Balm

The following are swatches of the shimmer balms, featuring the (top to bottom): Star Light Shimmer Stick, Sunbeam Shimmer Stick (sold out), Pink Puffy Cloud Shimmer Balm, Indigo Child Shimmer Stick and Lilac Galaxy Shimmer Balm (sold out).

Are Plant Makeup products cruelty free?

Yes! I never test my products on animals.

Are Plant Makeup products gluten free?

Everything is gluten free!

How long is the shelf life of our products?

Since Plant Makeup is truly 100% natural, it is a good idea to keep an eye on freshness while in use. Some suggestions for longer shelf life include keeping the items tightly sealed, out of direct sunlight, away from high temperatures and in general taking care of them.

Mascaras: 3-6 months (discard if smell is off, keep in fridge for longer shelf life)
Hibiscus Lip Gloss: 6 months-1 year (keep in fridge for longer shelf life)
All Balms / Salves: 1-3 years (will generally last a very long time, vitality starts to decline after about a year, will notice in scent and color) In compostable tubes 6 months - keep in a plastic bag and out of a humidity and heat for longest possible use, discontinue use if salve changes scent
Herbal Shampoo / Soaps: 1 year - store in fridge for longest shelf life.
Herbal Conditioner, Spray in Conditioner, Mermaid Dreams Hair Spray: 6 months-1 year (solely due to the aloe vera used in these products, keep in fridge for extended shelf life, discard if smell is off)
Honey Masks: 1 year (or longer, honey is a natural preservative on its own)
Clay Masks: 2-3 years
Blushes / all Powders: 1-2 years (keep out of sunlight to preserve the color pigmentation)
Floral Steams / Wild Bathing Flowers: 2-5 years (keep out of direct sunlight to last indefinitely)
Floral Toners (hyrdosols) + Flower Music Mist: 6 months-1 year (keep out of direct sunlight and stored in fridge for longest shelf life). Discard Flower Music Mist if scent is fermented or sour
Perfume Oils / Body Oils / Serums: 1-2 years (keep out of direct sunlight)
Beach Rose Body Scrub: 3-6 months (keep stored in fridge when not in use to prevent oils from going rancid)
Tooth Powders: 2-3 years (can last longer if kept out of direct sunlight)
Herbal Bug Spray / Jewelweed Spray: 1-3 years (keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures) - store in fridge for longest shelf life
Incense: indefinitely (keep away from moisture to prevent mold)

Are the carrier oils used cold pressed?

Here is a breakdown of our carrier oils, also known as the oils we use as the base or compliment to many of our products:

OG Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis) - expeller pressed / unrefined (from Kenya) from nut
OG Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Kenya) from fruit kernel
OG Argan Oil (Argania spinosa) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Morocco) from fruit kernel
OG FT Avocado Oil (Persea americana) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Kenya)
OG FT GMO-FREE Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) - cold pressed / unrefined (from the Philippines)
OG GMO-FREE Hemp Seed Oil (Cannabis sativa) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Canada)
OG Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) - cold pressed / unrefined (from USA)
Kukui Nut Oil (Aleurites moluccans) - cold pressed / refined (from Denmark) 
OG GMO-FREE Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Limnanthes alba) - expeller pressed and refined (from USA) from seeds
OG Olive Oil (Olea europaea) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Spain)
OG Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa spp.) - cold pressed / winterized (from Chile)
OG Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum) - cold pressed / unrefined (from Vietnam)
OG GMO-FREE Wheat Germ Oil (Triticum vulgare) - cold pressed / unrefined (from USA)
OG GMO-FREE Sunflower Oil (Helianthus annuus) - expeller pressed and refined (from the Netherlands)

OG = organic
FT = fair trade

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