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Late Summer Early Fall 2022

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It was such a hot Summer. I usually don't create items in the mid Summer time and wait for it to cool down a bit. What I create is so natural, I keep the seasons in mind. When it gets cooler I am able to maintain these creations at their essential condition. Pink Puffy Cloud Shimmer Balm was one of the first items to be restocked for Fall. I love it so much. It is infused with strawberries and a nice amount of glitter!

I am so excited to be on my wait to building another one of a kind collection. These are so much fun to make because I can go crazy with color. The freedom is amazing as I love to create art. This balm and the series will be released in the next few weeks in the One Of A Kind Section. I also love over saturating images sometimes and having fun, so this is definitely one of those pictures!

A new favorite ingredient of mine is blue spirulina. I love it's color. Sea Scrub was my first creations using it. It is a simple formulation to just highlight the ingredient. I just love how every time I make this scrub it is like the forming of a new world ending finally in a giant ocean. And guess what there is a new makeup balm I just released!

The rose growing season was a little challenging this year for me! I have a ton of rose bushes! Since it was so hot, in the middle of the Summer buds stopped forming. It was such a cool lesson though (no pun intended). I took a risk and cut them all back. Within weeks they all re-sprouted with new growth and eventually blossoms! Not to mention I did add this really cool fertilizing mix I made with Flower Juice and coffee! I also had great success growing my own chamomile and calendula flowers!
By late Summer the roses were back and so was I dehydrating most of them for many of the products including: Pink Rose Gloss Stick, Pink Rose Eye Shadow, Pink Rose Blush Powder, Beach Rose Tooth Powder, Clear Rose Lip Gloss, Garden Rose Lip Dream Gloss, and the list goes on!
One of my favorite lip balms is Wild Rose Lip Balm. Every time I make it, it seems to become more and more magical. It is one of my favorite lip balms I make. I am inspired to actually start offering small amounts of rose petals and rose petal powder on plantmakeup.com. Please stay tuned for the next collection! I am aiming to have it ready by the end of November.
I am so thankful for all your orders! Sun Face Cleanser was a huge top seller for late Summer to early Fall! Some new improvements to the website include creating navigation for all the collections I have ever made! On the homepage check out the navigation bar to the left and click COLLECTIONS to view! I have also added a MERCH section to plantmakeup.com featuring goodies for my music project OrangePeelMystic. And I hope to be posting on the blog more!
Packing up orders is one of my favorite things to do. It is very relaxing and completes the entire work flow. I use a lot of upcycled materials for the inside of the packages I send out. If you see packing peanuts, they are always the compostable type. Thanks so much for being OK with me using upcycled materials. When I don't have them to fill the packages with I use recycled paper from EcoEnclose. I am also a fan of their brown packing tape - so nice!
It's also so amazing to see when you all take photos of your orders! I love posting them on the Plant Makeup Instagram! I also now have a Plant Makeup TikTok. I absolutely love doing this work. Literally the way it grows is by the number of products I continue to make! I still make everything myself, pack all the orders, everything! The incense is made by super cute E.beet.Z.
I am really excited to keep going forward. I feel bad because I feel like I haven't had as much time to do as many cool weird photos and videos that I use too. The winter time always allows me to do that though. I love the warmth of the Summer, but I am so excited to get super creative this winter. I envision getting the branding of Plant Makeup a little more refined. It is happening. I see it with the best sellers. Pore Hug is one of the favorites! I love it so much because the label just pops and the water based formula is such an awesome skin hug. This is one of the items that just inspires me to keep going, make these unique items and don't be afraid if everything doesn't look cohesive as a brand. All in all, neither does nature, but it all just seems to work together.
Indigo Child Shimmer Stick makes me so happy when I create it. It is like a universe unfolding. It was created for Fall Winter 2018 as part of the Rainbow Flower Collection. It is packed with shimmer! I love using it as a body glitter - especially if you have skin on the drier side as it contains jojoba oil! One of my favorite oils to use. If you want to watch a cool video from that collection check out my YouTube channel. It's so cool because you can actually see I have upgraded some of the packaging since then to more eco friendly!
Thanks so much for reading! I will end by saying the Rose Multiflora Face + Body Mist is back in stock in limited supply! Capturing the essence of late Spring, these tiny cute roses grow for a few weeks in June. I have a beautiful huge wild bush outside my door and I distill them into an amazing hydrosol that can be misted onto the face, body and space anytime! Till the next blog post!

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