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Love love love. I literally want to eat it every time I put it on it smells so delicious (so light like clean sweet honey cream). I LOVE a good multi-use product and the Nakeup Balm literally has endless uses!! So great for an overall face moisturizer, lip balm, brow gloss, highlighter, dry hand salve, on the ends of your hair, your cuticles, elbows, shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes. Lol. My fave way to use it is a lil bit on my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose, and a dab on the chin to give all the right glow/gloss/dew in all the right places. Gives you a “glowing from within” look. I use the Nakeup Balm, Eyelash Gloss, and the Strawberry Lip Tint, and the combo of these is PERF. As a new mama, Plant Makeup has provided me with a medium to take a few seconds a day and care for myself in a way that makes me feel so beautiful and confident and feminine and unique. If you’re on the fence and looking for a sign to buy it, here’s your sign - DO IT!! xoxo

Martha Beatriz Lopez-Freking
Beautiful balm!

This balm is so lovely. It smells subtly of honey berries! It leaves a lovely glow on the face. Isn’t oily or greasy & absorbs very well. Also how beautiful is it to have flowers on your face 😍

Joannie Lauria


a LIP BALM for the FACE


For the ultimate minimalist this balm is all you need to pop / gloss / moisturize the lips, cheek bones, brows, eye lids, forehead. Anywhere and everywhere, apply to the entire surface of your skin world. I really wanted to create the one item anyone might need if stuck on a desert island or remote space base. Lightly floral scented by the initial flower oil infusion with warm honey notes! The formulation is simplistic and the result of all the years I've made beauty salves. Absorbs so well, quenching chapped lips and dry spots. For an even drippier glossier appeal see the Nakeup Gloss Serum.

exxtrraass:: This is excellent as your only moisturizer, with no makeup! Nakeup Balm is made to electrify your natural beauty - poppin' it all out like a full on face gloss that melts in. Once melted in, you can apply makeup over it. And definitely this works as an overnight treatment.

Ingredients: olive oil* infused with natural garden grown Rosa rugosa roses, natural garden grown lilac blossoms, lavender flowers* and calendula flowers*, apricot kernel oil*, meadowfoam seed oil*, rosehip seed oil* and local beeswax. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: dip a clean finger or two in and apply anywhere for dewy hydration, especially to lips, cheeks, eye lids, under eyes, forehead, neck and hands. If used everyday, it will be enough for two months. Keep away from direct sunlight. The shea butter in this formula may solidify in cooler temperatures, but warm fingers bring it back together!

Includes: a 1oz (28ml) metal tin.

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