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Rose Petal Mystic Spray

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This stuff is the work of a true Goddess

I love this stuff! It smells nice after being wiped away on surfaces and does the job cleaning my counter tops and bathroom. It gives me comfort knowing it can clean and be free of all the added nonsense and chemicals. Thank you very much Plant Makeup! I can't wait to add the other 2 to my collection 💗🌷

Sarah DiCicco
Rose 🌹 Magic

I love this spray for refreshing and cleaning surfaces. Non toxic and fees like it’s really doing the job to refresh my surfaces. Love!


I've purchased many natural glass cleaners, including ones with rose, and they all smell strongly of vinegar. Not this one. I was beyond excited to find out it has a divine rose smell. Would definitely purchase again!


Rose Infused Surface Mist

Cleanse space 100% naturally with rose petals. A beautiful lemon zest accompanies this special infusion. I grew the roses, distilled them and also extracted them in vinegar. With the addition of two special essential oils, this item is not only a surface purifier, it almost vibrations like a cleansing crystal!

Ingredients: my own natural garden grown rose distillation with purified water, distilled spring water, my own garden grown roses in white vinegar (derived from beets), alcohol* (made from gmo-free corn, 80% proof), Bulgarian rose* and lemon* essential oils. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: mist onto surfaces and wipe away with a cloth. Universal use for anything that can be purified with vinegar and alcohol. Best if stored in the fridge. Color may fade over time, best if kept stored in the fridge!

Includes: 8oz (227ml) glass bottle with mist sprayer.

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