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comets / object 58

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Charlotte McKinney

I'm really glad I snagged Comets.I came back for another for one of my daughter's who liked it too. The Starlight is so beautiful and pigmented, I came back for one & an Indigo highlighter as well during this crazy good sale!

Object 58:


comets are small icy bodies and only when then come close to the sun do they start to emit gas or their famous tails, also known as a coma. this occurrence is due to solar wind and radiation acting upon the nucleus of the comet. comets can be huge! some up to 15 more then earth's diameter. their orbits are eccentric, elliptical, sometimes a few years (of kuiper belt/scattered  disc) origin or up to a million years long (oort cloud origin). gravitational perturbations caused by passing stars near the oort cloud cause long term orbital comets.

elemental layers -

starlight shimmer stick

indigo child shimmer stick

rose dust

wild rose lip balm

beach rose lip tint

rugosa lip gloss

uses – makeup gloss + shimmer for the lips + body. please read through ingredient lists thoroughly for each formula included if you have any allergies.

this purchase includes a 1/4oz (7ml) glass vial and a bamboo makeup wand with comets.

each Plant Makeup object is one of a kind. all sales for objects are final.

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