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Body Space

The scent is not lasting, however it does pack a nice punch of notes. I use this as a mood booster, I'll spray this after the shower while I'm putting my body moisturizers and or when Journaling. I've enjoyed it for this.

Abigail Vaughan
Great Skin and Room Spray

This will probably not smell great the first time you try it. It's very earthy-green smelling - like medicinal plants. And although I'm not sure if it truly does anything for my skin, the health smell makes me believe it does, haha.
I use it as a toner and a room spray. It also works great to loosen clay masks before adding water. It helps refresh skin when it is feeling dry. Overall, I use it for everything and you learn to kinda like the scent.

Stay in Touch with the Natural You

A fruity tropical citrus dream face & body mist for EVERYBODY!

Wrap yourself in these incredibly unique water based botanical extracts. From vibrant jungles to dream dense cities, take this travel friendly bottle with you to stay centered and inspired. Body Space is a super plant dance of fruits, roots and flowers. Treat your skin to 2021 dreams.

Ingredients: h2o distillations of blood oranges*, rose geranium*, lime*, natural garden grown roses, lemon verbena*, turmeric root*, the essential oils of lavender* and lemon* + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: spray onto clean skin for a refreshing breeze, mist in space for uplifting dimensions. For sensitive skin, try a tiny test at first. Keep stored in fridge for longest shelf life but will do fine without it.

Includes: 1oz (28ml) glass spray bottle.

limited edition