Pretty Ugly Flower Candle

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Pretty ugly flower candle

Good vibes

Bring in new crazy creative energy!! !

2021 Giant Mystical Candle // Galactic Relic

Filled with glittery & floral layers, almost as if mystical fairies were trapped inside. There are so many layers of flowers, organic essential oils and purifying botanicals, this energy needs to be released! A relic from the galaxy of flowers, light up to make your new year magical!


a base of soy wax (non-gmo) and beeswax* throughout

layer 6: natural garden grown lilacs and roses, helichrysum blossoms*, biodegradable glitter, the essential oils of lemon*, grapefruit* and ginger*

layer 5: sandalwood powder (ethically harvested), lemon essential oil*

layer 4: indigo root powder, ginger essential oil*

layer 3: natural garden grown lilac blossoms, lavender essential oil*, biodegradable glitter

layer 2: natural garden grown roses, Bulgarian rose essential oil*, hibiscus flowers*

layer 1: helichrysum blossoms*, lemongrass essential oil*, turmeric root*

*purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: Light with a match or a lighter. To relight, you may have to use a longer match. As always with candles, use caution and don’t leave unattended. Burns for many hours! Best if used outdoors because flower materials inside may catch on fire.

Includes: 12oz jar with a eco wick (lead free and zinc free, non-paraffin vegetable wax)

limited edition - only 5 made