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Hot Salve

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I have severe Arthritis and Spinal Stenosis. I have been using my "miracle salve" for over 10 yrs. It takes the pain away in minutes. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Rub some onto freshly cleansed skin for stimulating topical moisturizing heat! 

Excellent for soothing sore muscles!

Directions: Apply to freshly cleansed skin. Avoid eye contact as it may tingle! For sensitive skin, try on a tiny test patch of skin at first to see if body agrees with formulation. This creation does contain a bee product (thank you bee's).

This listing includes a reusable 1oz (28gm) glass jar of Hot Salve. Shipped with love and eco friendliness.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil* (Olea europaea), cayenne pepper* (Capsicum annuum), ginger roots* (Zingiber officinale), German chamomile flowers (Matricaria chamomilla), burdock root* (Arctium lappa), raw unrefined shea butter* (Vitellaria paradoxa), local beeswax, ginger essential oil* (Zingiber officinale) + love.

plant based . local ingredients . gmo-free . all natural . handmade . reusable packaging


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