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McKenna S.
Lip Jam

This is too cool! Exfoliates & moisturizes while leaving lips a beautiful orange-y tint 👄

Juicy Red Orange Sunshine

SCRUB On Lip Color

Very unique, weird, dreamy in texture and almost from an ancient time. Scrub and tint the lips with this fruity jam like concoction! Just like making jam, this lil’ pot of fruity love is loose in texture for maximum tint. It is different from most of the Plant Makeup lip colors because it more paste like and less hard with wax. It allows for fingers to dig into the center of this jar of lip experience. Packed with red orange overtones and a strawberry taste. If you are open minded about experimenting with perhaps more primitive ways of beautifying, this is for you!

Ingredients: olive oil*, cocoa butter*, beach roses*, sandalwood (ethically harvested), raw strawberries*, local beeswax + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients

Directions: rub a tiny clump onto lips, then gently rub away the bits to reveal lips with a slight red orange hue and a plumping feeling from the scrubbies. Or just apply and leave on without scrubbing / wiping away and enjoy!

Includes: 1/4oz (7ml) glass jar with a metal lid.

essential oil + mica free

limited edition